Don’t worry about being “out.” The hotel staff is superb. They’re always smiling and will even compliment you on your clothes! Remember, Esprit is the biggest (and most exciting) convention they see all year and they are genuinely eager to please.

“One very interesting experience was when I and a couple of other girls were having dinner in the hotel restaurant and one of the waitresses came up to ask us if we would consent to having our picture taken!”

Don’t worry about being out in town either. Everyone knows when Esprit is happening and the reception is generally positive everywhere you go. If you see one of the bright “Welcome Esprit” signs in a store window, you know that business will definitely welcome you. If you’re unfamiliar with the locale, you may find it more comfortable to travel with some friends or someone who knows the shops and restaurants. If you’re feeling like you haven’t been out in town enough and see a group of ladies going somewhere, don’t be afraid to ask where they’re going or if their party is open to additional guests. More often than not, you’ll be gladly welcomed into the group.

If you want to go out at night, ask at least one person to go with you. Port Angeles is very quiet and safe, but this advice applies anywhere.