The Big Sister/Little Sister Program is a popular tradition at Esprit and comes at no extra cost. This program pairs you with an experienced Esprit attendee who is comfortable out and about in Port Angeles. We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for the Big/Little Sister program so that we can pair up people with similar interests.

“I have been crossdressing for many years and I consider myself self-assured. Despite this, in 2003 I asked for a Big Sister. It was the right choice. It is so nice to be met by someone, shown the ropes, so to speak, and get your feet on the ground. Then you are off on the adventure of a lifetime.”

If you wish, your Big Sister may be able to help you get ready for your first day, accompany you for a meal or a shopping outing around town, or at least hook you up with a group doing the same. Even if you are comfortable out on your own, your Big Sister can fill you in on the details and traditions of Esprit, where the secret restrooms are at the formal party so you don’t have to wait in line, and other helpful information.

“I didn’t request a Big Sister because I thought I was OK and I didn’t want to take one away from someone else. The day of the first big night, I was in a blue funk and almost didn’t go. Having a Big Sister at that point was imperative.”

The morning Koffee Klatsch and orientation session is open only to new girls. This is a great place to grab some coffee, make connections, and learn about the day’s activities and updates.

Little Sisters

Is this your first Esprit? Are you just emerging from your closet? Does your self confidence need a boost? Is your technique in the basics, such as makeup, hair, and deportment a little weak? These are all signs that you need a Big Sister! Maybe you just want a little orientation when you arrive at Esprit so you can find the classrooms or perhaps all you need are some useful everyday confidence-inspiring suggestions. A Big Sister is there to gently help you!

Since this is your first time at Esprit, wouldn’t it be nice to have a friend waiting to greet you and make you feel welcome? Your Big Sister can be that friend! A Big Sister can make your first Esprit experience much more fulfilling and memorable. All you have to do is ask and our Big Sister/Little Sister program coordinator will make every attempt to pair you up with a compatible Big Sister!

Perhaps you are not convinced that you want a Big Sister yet. In that case, please contact the Big/Little Sister Coordinator to get answers to any questions you have.

Big Sisters

Remember back when you first came out and started appearing en femme in public for the first time? Remember how you wish there had been someone for you to ask questions of and to assist you with all of those items that you were in desperate need of learning? Now is your opportunity to assist someone who needs your assistance in taking those first tentative steps.

What does it take to be a Big Sister? It takes little more than some of your time before Esprit to help your Little Sister get ready, and a little more time while at Esprit to accompany your Little Sister in preparing herself, responding to questions, and in general just being available to lend a hand or sympathetic ear when need be.

Specific requirements for being a Big Sister are:

  • You have previously attended one or more Esprit conventions
  • You actively cross-dress or are transitioning/transitioned and are comfortable and confident in public surroundings
  • You are willing to provide a phone number and e-mail address so that you can communicate with your Little Sister prior to Esprit
  • You are willing to spend a portion of your time at Esprit guiding, assisting, and nurturing your Little Sister
  • Be available to greet your Little Sister at a mutually decided location at the Red Lion Hotel
  • Be available to participate in the graduation ceremony with your Little Sister

Being a Big Sister is a large responsibility, but the rewards are even greater! Remember those awful years when you were finding your own path? How much easier would it have been to have a sympathetic friend to help you discover your own path and encourage you on your journey? You CAN be that friend to a less experienced transgender individual!

How to Apply to be a Big or Little Sister

To apply to be a Big Sister or to request a Big Sister, check the appropriate box when you submit your registration and the Big Sister/Little Sister coordinator we will be in contact with you soon.