Thanks to generous contributions from donors to this year’s Esprit Scholarship Fund, we are able to provide scholarships on a needs basis to attend Esprit. We strongly recommend that you apply for a scholarship if financing is a challenge. Applications are treated in strict confidence with information known only to one representative of each sponsoring club.

Preference is given to first-time transgender individuals and couples who need financial assistance to attend Esprit and benefit from its program. Even if you have attended in the past, partial awards may be available.

Scholarships take the form of convention fee waivers. They can be used only towards convention fees, only by the person to whom they are awarded and have no monetary value. All other expenses (accommodation, meals outside those included with Esprit, etc.) remain the responsibility of the applicant. 

If you are interested in contributing to this important program, email the Scholarship Coordinator via the contact us page.

How to Apply

  1. Complete and submit the online registration form to register, lock in your registration fee, and submit your scholarship application.
  2. The deadline for scholarship applications is March 31. ABSOLUTELY NO scholarships will be granted after Esprit starts or on a walk-in basis.
  3. If you are granted a scholarship, you will receive an email confirming it. Print the email and bring it with your registration email and any supplemental payment to complete your registration. Your rate will be based on your online registration date.

Applications will be evaluated after the application deadline. Awards will be made as quickly as possible (usually within one month). Awards are based on need and availability of funds. You are responsible for paying the balance of the registration fee. If you decide to extend your stay after receiving a scholarship, you are responsible for paying the resulting balance. However, no refund will be given if you shorten your stay.

What’s included

As a scholarship recipient, you are entitled to all services and activities as listed on the registration page, including the major event meals, during the time for which you registered.

What’s NOT included

Your scholarship award does not cover any expenses outside of the actual registration fee itself. For example, it doesn’t cover accommodation, other food and drink, products and services purchased from resource providers, discretionary and entertainment expenses, or transportation. If you register for only part of a week, your award only covers access to Esprit events during the time for which you registered.

No money is ever given directly to the scholarship recipient. Scholarship awards are non-refundable for cash.

Scholarship Guidelines and Rules

Please note the following when you prepare your application.

  1. You must have an independent reference who will vouch for your financial status and general situation. You must provide contact information for them. You must also authorize them to respond to the scholarship committee when they’re contacted. Good references include:
    • an officer at a transgender organization, a medical professional, a counselor, or another person in an official capacity
  2. References CANNOT BE:
    • immediate family members
    • people living in the same household
    • other scholarship applicants
  3. If you have questions about who qualifies as a reference, contact the Scholarship Coordinator via the contact us page before you apply, otherwise, your application may not be processed.
  4. If you cannot provide a reference (for example, if you’re heavily closeted), contact the Scholarship Coordinator via the contact us page for confidential assistance.
  5. If you’re applying as a couple, you must have been living together for at least one year in a legally recognized relationship. (Roommates don’t qualify for couples scholarships).
  6. Late applications prior to the start of Esprit will be considered by request only.
  7. We will not grant scholarships during Esprit to walk-in applicants.
  8. All required fields on the form must be completed.
  9. When you indicate your financial situation, please be fair to other applicants by providing accurate and true information about your financial status.
  10. Please describe as fully as possible why you want to attend and your financial status.
  11. Awards are not distributed uniformly but are prioritized based on need and number of previous awards. However, everyone is encouraged to apply, including returning attendees.