Costs can be a challenge for some, but there are a number of strategies that you can apply to help keep the experience affordable. In summary, the major costs to consider are:

  • Registration fee
  • Travel expenses
  • Food (exclude the meals in your chosen registration package and estimate the rest)
  • Hotel (roommates affect this significantly)
  • Shopping, resources, etc. (this can be as much or as little as you want) 

A number of partial and full scholarships are available. Scholarships are funded by generous donors and individual donations from past attendees and are awarded at different levels based on certain criteria. Applications are treated in strict confidence so please don’t be afraid to apply.

Room costs can be significantly reduced by sharing a room with another attendee. The math is pretty straightforward, and if you are willing to share a room with 3 others, you can slash your hotel costs. Transportation costs can be a challenge, but even catching a ride with someone for the last leg of the trip can save money and you can leave the driving to someone who has made the trip before. Feel free to use the networking resources to arrange roommates and rides. 

Esprit-Exchange was very helpful. I knew there were ferries from Victoria but couldn’t find the schedule. Sassi put me on to the COHO website.”

Esprit provides a number of meals as described in the weekly schedule, but you’ll need to cover yourself the rest of the time. There are some affordable restaurants at the hotel and within walking distance. For the greatest savings, you can go to the grocery store up the street and stock up on anything you need.

Resist over-buying before you get to Esprit. It’s only a week long and buying a lot of stuff beforehand eats away at your bankroll. You’ll want to be able to buy things while you are here and there are many stores that will give you friendly service unlike anything you may be used to at home.