If you have not worn and lived in heels for a couple days in a row or are wearing unfamiliar heels, you should bring a pair of comfortable flat shoes. There is a huge difference between slipping on a pair of heels for a couple hours as compared to living, standing, walking, and sitting in them for several days. You do not want to suffer nerve or ligament damage, and both can happen very easily and suddenly even to the most experienced cross-dresser. If you do not have flats, there is a Wal-Mart a few minutes away by car where you can get a cheap pair. You don’t want to ruin the last and most exciting part of Esprit simply because you don’t give your feet a rest.

“I was confident that I could wear my heels all of the time because I have had yearly week-long periods when I have been able to dress 24/7. My feet tended to get sore about the 4th or 5th day and wearing flats for a day made it possible to continue. The conditions are not the same at Esprit. First, depending on how high a room number you have, it is a long walk from your room to the class rooms – in 5″ heels, my feet and legs were about done by the time I got there! Second, you don’t have the option of “resting” when your feet get tired as you have somewhere else to go (next class, lunch, etc.). By Wednesday (I arrived Sunday night) my feet were so swollen, they wouldn’t even fit into the one pair of flats that I brought with me! Luckily, I found a pair that would fit my feet in the clothing exchange.”

Planning on getting your nails done? Local nail technicians from Port Angeles are in the Resource Mall and will give you exactly what you want. They specialize in durable nails which can be safely removed without damage at the end of the week. While glamour length is great for the special evening parties, it can be a challenge for day to day living, especially if they’re new to you. Don’t forget to schedule a visit to have your nails removed or you can ask about buying a bottle of do-it-yourself nail removal chemicals. 

“If you aren’t accustomed to long nails and you wear contact lenses, you should practice getting your lenses in and out with nails. There’s a whole different technique involving the sides of your flattened fingers instead of your fingertips and if you don’t get good at it beforehand, you’ll be poking your eyes a lot.”