Although most ladies love to be photographed, Esprit respects the wishes of anyone who does not wish to be photographed. If you do not wish to be photographed at any time, you should confirm that the “No Photo” symbol is on your badge. Don’t be afraid to voice your wishes at any time if you don’t want to be photographed or if you are concerned that someone has not seen your sticker. To better respect these wishes, all attendees are encouraged to pay attention to who is in the background of their photographs and to try to ensure that all recognizable faces wish to be photographed, and to err on the side of ensuring privacy when sharing photos by any electronic means. The official photo policy is here.

“Keep a camera close. A TG and her camera should never be parted. Take pictures of people that you hope to keep in touch with and have people take pictures of you experiencing Esprit. I wish I’d thought of this – my camera is an older 35mm model and quite large (compared to the new ones which fit in your purse) and it never left my room.”

In preparation for all the paparazzi, you may want to practice some basic poses, as not all those who will take your picture are professional photographers. If you are uncertain how to go about doing this, there are photographers at Esprit who can offer some quick advice or give you a chance to practice in a very affordable photo session.