So what is Esprit? Think of Esprit as a combination of college, sorority, shopping and sightseeing tourist fling, high society parties, and slumber party all rolled into one. Yes, it’s ridiculously unrealistic as most vacations are, but that’s also what makes it so memorable and fun. Where else can you attend classes dealing with fun and serious topics (without tests!), mill around a mini-mall right inside the hotel with resources who understand your unique needs, wander into town dressed as you wish and be doted on by restaurants and shopkeepers, pop into girlfriends’ rooms to gab or borrow a needed item of clothing, and dress up in a gown and party the night away…all in the same day?

More Exciting Than Ever!

We collect attendee input from each year and tune our program to best meet today’s needs. Dances, activities and excursions, parties, and exciting theme events fill the week. As in recent years, even more involvement with the local arts, charity, and entertainment community is planned. Events have been scheduled to give you time between events when you need it, to keep events at the hotel flowing smoothly, to host special events at venues around town, and to give you the flexibility to attend the events you want from the many to choose from.


As always, Esprit will offer a full slate of classes. Included are some from previous years, as well as some new classes. Offerings from the past include make-up, wardrobe, wigs, voice and deportment; specialty classes include topics such as surgery, transition, and legal issues. The popular Crossdressing 101 and Self Defense classes will also be back again this year.

Of special importance is the SO (Significant Other) program, which addresses issues such as intimacy and communications.

Resource Providers

Complementing the educational activities is an array of resources offering high-quality goods and services. The popular Resource Mall returns where you can wander through rooms filled with a wide range of goods and services. Our friendly providers are experts at addressing the special needs of the transgender community. Some of the areas from the past that attendees received personal attention for were wigs, makeup, and jewelry.


A typical Esprit week kicks off with Sunday’s Icebreaker, Pickleball and Pool Tournaments on Monday, Excursions to Victoria, BC on Tuesday, Golfing, Croquet and Movie Night on Wednesday, Ascot Races on Thursday, the ever popular Fashion and charity Talent Shows on Friday, and culminates with the Keynote Lunch and the Gala Dinner on Saturday.


Esprit is also the starting point for many excursions. You might go tour a winery, take the ferry to Victoria B.C. for high tea, get a group together and take a scenic drive up to magnificent Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic Mountains, go on a guided tour of local art and historical sites, go golfing at the Cedars at Dungeness, or simply enjoy the variety of shopping, dining and services in Port Angeles.


The venue for Esprit is the Port Angeles Red Lion, a warm and welcoming haven. Attendees will be treated to friendly hospitality and good food. More importantly, the people who attend Esprit are incredible! You’ll meet your peers, listen to fascinating journeys, and make lifelong friendships.

Is Esprit for you?

  • Are you a crossdresser?
  • Are you closeted but want to get out?
  • Are you an out-and-about crossdresser who wants to get together with like-minded people for a week of fun and learning?
  • Are you questioning your gender identity?
  • Is gender transition part of your search, your plan or your reality?
  • Are you the Significant Other or family member of a cross dresser or a person in gender transition?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, then Esprit is for you! If you’re still not sure, consider the following:

  • Esprit lasts for a full week when most other conferences last for only 2 to 3 days.
  • At Esprit education is a primary goal, not an afterthought.
  • Esprit has top quality onsite resources to attend to your every need.
  • Esprit is has been held for over 34 years in Port Angeles, Washington one of the most beautiful locations in the country. The residents of Port Angeles are very accepting and look forward to the conference every year. There is no safer or more accepting venue anywhere.
  • At Esprit, Significant Others are treated on an equal footing with the transgender participants. Significant Others who are attending for the first time go through the graduation ceremony the same as their transgender partners! According to Dr. Sandra Cole (previous SO program facilitator), an internationally known counselor and therapist, Esprit is THE flagship conference when it comes to including and supporting our wonderful Significant Others.

And this is just the beginning. Esprit‘s true magic comes from the simple presence of so many like-minded people. When you combine the people and the events, what happens and what you take away from Esprit may surprise you. Some treat Esprit like a casual vacation and pick just a few of the planned activities, and others try to do absolutely everything. Some come just once while others come year after year. What you do is up to you, and from what we’ve seen over the years, Esprit has put together a winning formula that manages to satisfy virtually everyone…and leave a lasting impression on all who come.

Esprit is an exciting, liberating experience, certain to boost your spirits and leave you with a warm glow long after the convention ends. If you’ve attended before, you know this is true. If you’ve never attended, talk to someone who has. We’re confident you’ll like what you hear.