Make Plans

Spend some time to plan well before you need to pack. Identify the outfits that you want to take, the jewelry, the accessories, wig care items, the bathroom supplies, and all the other things you will need during your trip. The simplest plan is to organize two outfits per day: one for “classes” and one for the evening.

“I examined the program which was published on the Esprit website and decided on eight day-time outfits, three ensembles for special events, two formals and two semi-formals, sleepwear (pajamas, a nightgown and a robe), and my bathing suit.”

You may want to define each outfit down to the smallest detail. This will help ensure that you bring everything you need. Or you may want to just bring a variety of clothes and accessories and enjoy the freedom of picking what you want for the situation.

Of course, you can go crazy and divide the day into as many sections as you’d like and wear a different outfit for each of them. But, make sure that you have time to change! You can also take it easy if your budget or interests don’t lean towards bringing lots of clothes. You won’t get kicked out of a party if you don’t have a ballgown.


Be creative and imagine what you might need, especially if this is your first time out of the house for an extended time. You may find yourself needing some of the most mundane things that wouldn’t normally demand attention during an evening out with your friends (such as nail clippers, a sewing kit, lint brush, cooler, a dinner coat, robe, slippers, and who knows what else). This suggested packing list can be printed or copied/pasted into a word processor for further editing.

“It is much better knowing what to pack before packing. And make a checklist and do the Santa thing – check it twice. I forgot all my jewelry I packed.”

“Do you have a special dress which requires a special lipstick? Don’t forget to pack it as well (and don’t forget to use it, either).”

“I really think that a makeup suitcase would be handy but I hadn’t found one before leaving so I just used a bunch of cosmetic bags.”

“I found packing my jewelry a problem, mainly because I brought so much of it. What I ended up using was a plastic pouch with multiple compartments but that wasn’t useful when I was at Esprit because I couldn’t find anything. To solve that problem, I used one of my suitcases as a very large jewelry box placed at the foot of the bed.”

“I arrived at Esprit and to my horror discovered that I had only the shoes on my feet — all the rest were safely at home!”

If you are bringing wigs, plan ahead. Your favorite day wig may not last the entire week without needing to be washed. Bring your supplies, shampoo, conditioner, and stands that you need to keep your wigs in good condition and ready to wear on short notice. An extra wig stand is useful if you have to leave a wig with one of the stylists for a special updo.

Don’t be afraid to pack too much. Everybody brings too much to Esprit and having a huge selection to deal with every party, the unexpected dinner invitation, glamour photo sessions, and an unplanned outing on the town is half the fun. Later in the week, you will find the usual buzz of activity around the Esprit Registration Desk as you check in and you should feel free to ask if anyone has a moment to help you move your luggage.

“I pack about 90% of what I own, which literally means that I have about 10 times more stuff than I could possibly wear. But, it gives me a chance to sort through things and give away a few bags of clothes to the Esprit clothing exchange.” 

“I figured that I would have two outfits a day plus the special ones for the 3 big nights, and I was very close.”