Consult the Travel Information page for detailed information on the most common ways to get to Esprit. For the numerous other unusual travel situations and rapidly changing immigration laws, it is difficult to offer useful general advice. Please consult official government information sources, ask for help on the networking resources, or contact any of the sponsoring groups. 

When it comes to crossing the border, you have two choices: dressed or not dressed. In either case, you must have a passport (with very limited exceptions that you should research on your own). It is imperative that you be forthcoming as to where you are going and what you are going to be doing there. This is not a time to be considering how well you can pass! If you are crossing the border, be cautious about mentioning any business activities unless you know what you are talking about. That is heavily scrutinized these days and you are better off simply saying that you are taking a vacation and attending a crossdressing conference.

It will also depend (somewhat) on your border guard. If he or she is familiar with crossdressing, then you will likely have no problems – the Canadian portion of the Esprit Committee regularly crosses the border en femme with little problem.

“All my apprehension about U.S. Customs, and they couldn’t process me fast enough. ‘Have a wonderful week, ma’am.’ “