The hotel is built more like a motel (that is, a long and narrow building) with two floors and an interior hallway that runs between all the rooms. The interior hallway means that you can spend nearly all of your time dressed for indoor conditions and it makes for a friendlier setting because you are always running into the same people as you walk the halls. Esprit attendees are given priority for the main wing (the “waterfront” wing) that adjoins the meeting rooms and hotel lobby. Half the rooms in this wing face the waterfront (slightly more expensive) and half the rooms face the parking lot. A second hotel wing (the “hillside” wing) is across the parking lot and other hotel guests are usually placed out there. Still, you will frequently see non-Esprit guests in the main building either as guests in the waterfront wing or at the restaurant and lounge.

The rooms are separated from the lobby, the restaurant, and the banquet rooms which means you have to walk through a short narrow covered walkway that connects the buildings. This walkway can be very windy at times, though it’s only a few feet down the walkway or a walk across a driveway to get to the other buildings. 

The hotel is quite long and as you move away from the hotel lobby, the elevation changes. The foyers have stairwells that include several stairs that adjust for the elevation change and you cannot get from one end of the hotel to the other without encountering stairs. There is no public elevator to the 2nd floor guest rooms. The building containing the restaurant, lounge, and meeting/banquet rooms does have an elevator.

A diagram of the hotel floor plan is available.

Rooms differ slightly, but most single rooms have 1 king size bed and double rooms have 2 queen size beds and a dresser with drawers. The closet in each room is adequate but only has a few hangers so you should bring your own hangars.

All rooms should have full length mirrors. Some of the open suites such as the Hospitality Suite or in the Resource Mall have open bathrooms that you can use in a pinch.

Like most hotels, the Red Lion asks you to reuse towels when possible. They also ask that you bring your own washcloth or baby wipes for removing makeup. Makeup will leave permanent stains on towels and can be costly to the hotel. 

Nearly every room has 2 sinks and 2 mirrors which is definitely enough for 2 people and tolerable in a frenetic sorority sort of way for 4. In those rooms, one sink is inside the bathroom and the other sink is immediately outside the bathroom. The counters are well lit. The bathroom has a combination tub and shower. If anything is not functioning properly, don’t hesitate to contact the hotel for a prompt resolution. A lit makeup mirror set up at the desk or dresser is an option for making a little more elbow room in the bathroom.

“My room didn’t have a working fan so it was pretty steamy in there. I should have phoned but who had time for that?”

There is a steep cleaning surcharge if you smoke in a non-smoking room.

Cell phone coverage is good and free wi-fi is available.

Most rooms have microwaves and small refrigerators. Ice machines are available if you wish to use a cooler.

Some ladies’ rooms are tidy, but most look like a stick of dynamite was exploded inside a suitcase. Don’t worry about the mess…the hotel staff is used to it. Even so, our rooms tend to be extra messy with all the food, the bathroom mess, and the garbage we create after living there for a few days, so please make an effort to show your appreciation to the staff (tips are appropriate and always appreciated). Many of the hotel staff have long connections to Esprit, having formed friendships with Esprit attendees, performing as entertainers, or attending some of the great parties.

“We tipped our maid $20.00 early in the week and received outstanding service.”

If you are in the building with the restaurant and meeting rooms, please note that this building is shared with the public. The hotel has reserved and clearly marked restrooms for our use on the 2nd floor of the building.