Registration is a simple process. You choose one of the plans that covers the days you want to attend, follow the instructions on the pre-registration page to enter your data for our records, print the form that is immediately returned to you, and when ready you mail in your fee with the printed form and you’re done.

This registration fee will get you a badge and allows you to attend all of the classes, visit all of the resources, participate in the Big/Little Sister program, use the Clothing Exchange, attend the open activities, and receive a yearbook by mail. You will also enjoy the specific meals and major parties that accompany the days in your registration package. You will have to pay the going rate for other food and elective activities such as a trip to a casino, a ferry ride to Victoria B.C., and for services such as nails and photography sessions, but for the average attendee, there are no other registration fees to worry about. If you want to apply for a scholarship, you indicate that at the same time you submit your pre-registration.

You can also ask any member of one of the sponsoring organizations for assistance in obtaining a hard copy if you do not have internet access. Please follow the registration instructions carefully. These are meant to protect privacy, save Esprit time and money, and ensure that you are properly registered.

We recommend that you register as early as possible. The registration cap of 160 attendees has been reached in recent years and an earlier registration reduces your chance of missing out. There is virtually no room for extending this cap because the banquet rooms at the hotel are unable to accommodate any more than this number. The Esprit Committee also has a longstanding tradition of intentionally keeping the number of attendees in this neighborhood in order to preserve Esprit‘s intimacy.