Esprit has a tradition of passing along things that others may find useful. This is the perfect time to help one another out by sharing items that have been cleared out of our closets.

Remember, one girl’s discards could be another girl’s treasures!

Any items that you no longer use and are clean and presentable are welcome. This includes lingerie, hosiery, shoes, foundation wear, skirts, sweaters, blouses, belts, jewelry, jackets, dresses and coats that are simply taking up space in your closet. Unopened makeup, as well as related subjects on videos (tapes, DVD), books, and “how to” pamphlets, will be accepted.

The Boutique will be open 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday, everyone can bring in items they wish to donate during the week. The exchange operates on the honor system. Visit the Boutique as often as you want, donate what you can, and keep the room orderly.

Boutique/Clothing Exchange Rules:

  1. Everything Donated must be CLEAN and Presentable to wear
  2. If you bring it please hang it or place it in the correct location

All useful items that remain at the Boutique when Esprit is over will be taken to local charities. What we don’t use will be put to good use by others.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help with the Boutique, please contact the boutique coordinators